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World of the Communities is the first Ukrainian multiplayer co-op strategy board game, which closely models real life and real decision-making, conflict-resolution and community development.
This will change the way you think of human nature, interaction and co-operation.

World of Communities: Coopetition

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The latest release of a unique gamification tool teaches how to build a win-win relationship with your rivals. Cooperation is your key to winning!

How the game works

World of Communities players (up to 6 players) build their community based on game scenarios. To win the game, players will need to unite and develop the community, extending public infrastructure, managing community assets wisely and launching new businesses, developing professional skills, increasing level of health and happiness. What is more, throughout this collective effort to build a happy sustainable community, each player will have to face a variety of tough life choices, thus learning how to balance between life and work, their private interests and the common good.
Players: 4-5
Age: 10+
Duration: 4 hours
What's in it for you
  • Build a close-knit team
  • Identify informal leaders
  • Model group decision making
  • Diagnose your team
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Boost entrepreneurship skills
  • Raise civic awareness among youth
  • Learn about community development tools
  • Engage community members to decision making
  • Model community development scenarios
When this can help
Cannot leave work behind when you are enjoying your vacation?
The game will help you to prepare: it creates the right context for surfacing patters of collective decision making to see how things will go without your supervision.
Looking for someone from the team to fill in a senior position?
Play the game with potential candidates to screen their leadership and problem-solving skills based on realistic scenarios.
Make boarding of the newcomers smoother
The game will help to break the ice by stimulation people to collaborate, discuss, look for best options and support each other during the game.
Do young and smart abandon the community looking for a better place?
Perhaps the youth do not feel like they belong to the community? Through the game, they will feel what it is to contribute and which tools are out there to become valuable community members that make good things happen. They will receive a list of opportunities for further self-realization in their own community.
Make the local economy bloom
The game helps to develop financial, budget and tax awareness in a playful way, which can excite people instead of scaring them off (as it often happens). The game teaches that the community budget the source for future prosperity that everyone is responsible for.
Struggling to achieve a common vision of your future community?
Play these issues out through existent or your own scripts. Sitting down at the game table, you may find common ground even with your strongest opponents. The 96 life situations featured in the game will give you a new perspective on community roles.
Are you looking for new faces and fresh ideas?
The game reveals leaders who are ready to take the responsibility for setting of and moving to strategic goals to bring your community to prosperity.


We are glad to have lots of feedback from our customers. Below is what they found playing World of Communities on a regular basis:
Personal professional development
Users noted the game made a positive impact on their professional achievements
A deeper understanding of the context
Users feel they improved their ability to look deeper into problems
Leadership development
Users strengthened their leadership qualities
Users increased their motivation to participate in the life of their community
Game develops
The Skills that are needed in XXI century
learning skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Creative thinking
  • Collaborating
  • Communicating
  • Functional reading skills
  • Information literacy
Life Skills
  • Flexibility
  • Social Skills
  • Productivity
  • Leadership
Citizen Skills
  • Financial Literacy
  • Tax Literacy
  • Political Literacy
They already use the game in the work and projects
Youth Council

Special limited edition version of the game "Youth Council"
based on World of Communities: Coopetition Game
will be released in September 2019
The focus of this release - youth and their integration in political, economic and social life
In the box
community development tools
life circumstances
Infrastructure objects that can be built in community
types of private local business
community foundation
types of properties
Game roles
types of playing pieces
game field
set of cards for the game facilitator (mayor)
stacks of game money
Game rulebook
individual goals
We will be happy to customize, localize and brand the game for you
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